Larger Projects

Quicksilver Engineering Ltd. networks with several other small professional engineering companies, some in The Netherlands, some in the United Kingdom. All are staffed by experienced process engineers who have cut their teeth in industry but have now decided to branch out on their own.
New members are being added all the time, but the core players are such that, operating as an integrated team, they are able to offer the full range of process engineering services - from conceptual engineering, through flowsheeting, HAZOP and procurement, to installation and commissioning.
Depending on the project, one or more network members can be involved, but the advantage to the customer is that irrespective of the number of engineers involved, he will deal with just one contractual party. All the problems of coordinating different engineers in different places (different countries even!) are taken out of his hands.
The network is currently able to accommodate projects up to EUR 4,500,000. This size of project is usually too large for local (i.e. plant) engineering, whilst being too small for the major engineering contractors (too many overheads to be able to make a competitive quotation).
If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact Quicksilver Engineering Ltd.