Quicksilver Engineering Ltd. and the similar firms Quicksilver Engineering Ltd. works closely with are all characterised by their small size, being primarily one-man companies offering specialist professional services.
The consequences of this are low overheads, small volumes of paperwork and (because lines of communication are short) fast response times. Unlike the big contracting companies, Quicksilver Engineering Ltd. does not need to pay for large offices, secretaries, a large IT department and a fleet of company cars.
This means that Quicksilver Engineering Ltd.ís approach and the costs of Quicksilver Engineering Ltd.ís work dovetail very well with the requirements of the smaller company looking for a specific manpower solution (e.g. design engineer, process engineer or commissioning engineer) for a given project.
Quicksilver Engineering Ltd. can also offer flexible solutions to clients, such as the provision of low-level engineering assistance. (One client currently engages Quicksilver Engineering Ltd. for just one day/week in order to keep a specific project on track.) Quicksilver Engineering Ltd. can also provide support for in-house engineering personnel and projects by carrying out tasks such as data analysis, design and flowsheeting elsewhere.