Background Information

Quicksilver Engineering Ltd. started trading in August 2000 in The Netherlands as Quicksilver Engineering B.V. However, the Company's roots can be traced back to the early 1990s when Dr. Stiles carried out his first two vacuum projects: a central vacuum system for an adhesives plant, and trouble-shooting a three-stage process vacuum system for stripping medium molecular weight polyester resin. (The latter project ultimately proved so successful that it resulted in a de facto debottlenecking of the whole unit!)

Hugh Stiles holds both an honours degree in Chemical Engineering and a doctorate in biomass pyrolysis from Imperial College, London. He is a Corporate member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and is registered with the Engineering Council as a Chartered Engineer. He worked for over ten years a project engineer/project manager for a multi-national adhesives manufacturer, and for three years with a firm of consulting engineers specialising in alternative energy for third-world countries. Dr. Stiles is fluent in both English and Dutch, speaks enough French and German to get by and is currently learning Mandarin.