Applied Vacuum - European Sales

Quicksilver Engineering Ltd. is the official European sales representative for the South African ejector manufacturer Applied Vacuum cc
Applied Vacuum’s range of products includes:
      - steam jet ejector sets,
      - ejector sump pumps,
      - desuperheaters,
      - direct injection heating devices,
      - evacuators (also known as air-driven ejectors)
      - steam jet refrigeration (flash cooling)
      - liquid eductors,
      - venturi scrubbers,
with equipment supplied for edible oil refining and hydrogenation, petroleum refining, chlorine industry, phosphoric acid plants, polymer plants, precious metal refining, soap manufacturing, fine chemical manufacture, pulp and paper industry and the food industry.

The advantages of ejector technology over other forms of vacuum pump are clear:
      - truly ideal for moving high volumes at low absolute pressures,
      - fully-mature technology,
      - no moving parts so it does not fall under the Machinery Directive,
      - ATEX.compliance.
Admittedly waste streams have sometimes been a problem in past but, if a process vapour is used as the motive fluid, the resultant condensate can, impurities permitting, be recycled back into process, i.e. zero waste.

When you first contact Quicksilver Engineering Ltd., the technical aspects of your enquiry will be dealt with, not by a salesman, but by a chartered chemical engineer with over 25 years industrial experience and a proven track record in industrial vacuum system design stretching back over a decade.

Your equipment will be designed and fabricated in South Africa at the Applied Vacuum works in Sandringham.

If required, Quicksilver Engineering Ltd. can arrange for the Applied Vacuum equipment to be incorporated into a fully-instrumented skid (if appropriate, using the client’s backing pump of choice) by an experienced, independent engineering firm in continental Europe.

Additional engineering services, including complete turnkey packages, can also be provided.

Pre-implementation and after-sales service will be provided by Quicksilver Engineering Ltd.'s Dr. Stiles: a consultant chemical engineer